DomainSwap acts as the trusted middleman and offers secure escrow services with low rates. Below is a step-by-step textual explanation of the diagram above.
  • You make a swap offer. (Offers can be in the form of domain(s) and/or cash in dollars, meaning you could also sell/buy domains without offering any domains you have.)
  • If your offer is rejected, you can improve your offer and submit it again. Offers can be improved 3 times. If your offer is still rejected after the 3rd improvement then the offer is discarded. This is a measure our system applies to prevent offer spamming.
  • If your offer is accepted, DomainSwap notifies both parties for the service payment.
  • Once both parties pay the swap service fee, DomainSwap notifies both parties that they should start transferring domain(s) and/or funds to DomainSwap's accounts.
  • Once the transfers are confirmed by DomainSwap, both parties are notified.
  • Now DomainSwap transfers funds/domains to swapping parties.
  • Swap completed.
Types of Swap Offers
Offers can be made in multiple ways:
  • Domain(s) for domain(s)
    You can offer one or more domains for one or more domains of the other party.
  • Money for domain(s)
    You can offer cash(in dollars) for one or more domains of the other party. You don't have to offer domains to create a swap offer. This makes it possible to buy/sell domains also.
  • Domain(s) + cash for domain(s)
    It is possible to offer cash along with your domain(s) for one or more domains of the other party. Cash sometimes makes it easier to have a deal.
As you can see, you can use various formulas to create an offer and this creates endless possibilities for you.

Go to your profile, select some "Categories" & "Extensions" and update your interests to take advantage of our intelligent "suggestion" & "matching" engine. Our clever algorithms make it easy for you to find domains of interest and users with whom you might have a better chance of having a deal.

Swap Fee
Swap fee is 25$ per domain. If 2 parties are swapping 1-to-1, it means 25$ for each. If one party is giving 2 domains in a swap it means 2x25$ for them. As the number of domains in a swap increases so does the fee for that swap. Each party pays for their own domains in a swap. Once an offer is accepted and both parties complete the payment for swap fees, both parties agree to complete the transfer of the funds and the domains to After this point no refund (of the swap fee) will be provided to the party that cancels the swap. If any cash payment was included in the deal and was transferred to us we will refund that to the corresponding party. Any fees resulting from transferring domains to us will be paid by the transferring party.

If a swap includes cash payment (either in the form of a direct sale or a swap containing domain(s)+cash), DomainSwap will get 5% commission out of this cash payment.

PayPal Fees
PayPal fees are to be paid by the party who makes the payment(if any). Payment will be transferred 2 times (from Party1 to DomainSwap and from DomainSwap to Party2) so we will calculate the fee accordingly.

Other Paid Services
  • Featuring Domains: 8$
  • Promoting Domains: 10$
  • Promoting Portfolios: 15$
  • Creating ADs: 10$