What is Domain Name Swapping

Domain name swapping is the act of transferring the ownership of one or more domains between two parties. When you agree on swapping your domain(s) with somebody else’s domain(s) first you (and the other party) transfer the domain names you have to DomainSwap.com‘s account(s). Once we confirm the transfer and make sure that we have the control of all the domain names included in the swap deal we will start the ownership change (If there is cash payment in this domain name swap deal, we will also wait for the funds to be transferred to us before initiating any domain name transfer process).


To complete the domain name exchange process, we will transfer the domain names and the funds to the corresponding parties that are involved in the swap deal and wait for you until see the assets in your accounts to verify the successful completion of the trade. Here we will act as the trusted middleman who makes sure both parties get their domain name(s) and payment at the and of the domain swap deal.

When the swap is complete both parties will have what they want without paying a fortune for it.

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