About DomainSwap project was born out of a real need in the domaining industry. Aftermarkets are all about selling domain names. You can't use your existing domain names as valuable assets. But why not?!

What if you don't want to spend hundreds/thousands of dollars to acquire new domains? What if you want to use your existing domains for acquiring other domains? Can't you use your domains instead of cash or along with cash? is a swap market for domain names that has been created to fulfill this need, to fill this hole in the domaining business. Here you can buy, sell or swap domain names. Isn't this just great...?

Do you have domains for which you no longer have any plans?
Somebody else might just need them and they might be listing their own nice domains here that you might like to have. You could seal a deal and you could both be happy without spending so much cash for acquiring the domains you want.

DomainSwap is the perfect solution for a real problem that troubles a sizable population.
Explore new possibilities... Team